INDIENOV is a young innovative enterprise serving a better living purpose.

INDIENOV is on a social impact mission to contribute to the independence of fragile people and to facilitate their autonomy by innovating by all means.

We combine the best technologies have to offer into our solutions of fall prevention and protection against femoral fractures.

We act to improve security, peace of mind and quality of life for our elderly and vulnerable patients. We simply help them live their lives by staying themselves.

Gérard Leseur, a committed and experienced leader, and Maurice Kahn, engineer with a PhD in nanotechnologies, are INDIENOV’s co-founders. A team of 16 women and men with complimentary skills and expertise have joined them to push forward: Innovation management, business development, articifial intelligence, machine learning, data science, biomechanics, electronics, Internet of Objects, software programs…

Together, We have created and designed the first lightweight and individual medical device against femoral neck fractures : the INDIENOV belt, easy to use, accessible and monthly subscription-based.

Get to know us better…

our executive committee

Gérard Leseur

President & Chairman

Founder of Altergis Group, Gérard has also been president of Entreprendre network until 2017, which gathers 15 000 business leaders in France and overseas. Committed ever since to entrepreneurship, Gérard is a an experienced leader. Participating to a resolutely more human world is his motto, as evidenced by INDIENOV.

Maurice Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Engineer with a PhD in nanotechnologies, Maurice is an experienced entrepreneur who has managed several design offices while taking the lead in numerous innovative projects. Altruism, team spirit and efficiency are values that define and drive him at INDIENOV.

Patrice Harouimi

Chief Financial Officer

A graduate in Market Finance and founder of several ventures, Patrice brings 30 years of experience to support INDIENOV’s development. His expertise in financing innovative projects allows him to implement a financial strategy that meets INDIENOV’s bgrowth ambitions.

Victoria Lamour-Chambon

Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer

A King’s College London and Sciences Po Lille alumni, Victoria drives INDIENOV’s development with her rich international bakcground and her expertise in navigating public-private sectors (innovative business models and partnerships lead at AXA in Asia, economic diplomacy, investors relations in an impact investing fund, strategy and innovation consulting).

our electronics and software team

Olivier Naudan

Lead developer

Mohand Seddar

IA Engineer

Lucas Goiffon

Apprentice engineer in embedded systems and AI

Anthony Luong

Embedded systems developer

Maha Gharras

Embedded systems developer

our biomechanics team

Thomas Thouveny

Test and Validation Engineer

Annabelle Labrune

Biomechanics Engineer

Virgil Poncin

Biomechanics Engineer

Yasmine Djalal

Quality and Compliance Engineer

our marketing and communication team

Camille Tertrais

Strategy Manager

Nalani Ternier-Paige

Office Manager

Valentine Lanterne

Customer relations manager

Ema Donikian

Community Manager