A strong society
cares for each other !

Discover the INDIENOV belt,
the first individual and lightweight medical device
preventing falls and protecting
from femoral fractures.

As we speak, femoral neck fractures are more fatal than road accidents
people are victims
of femoral neck fractures
each year

Indienov's solution

We’ve created a belt. Lightweight, elegant, discreet… As discerning as the technology it contains.

Like any belt, it is worn at the waist… But it is the only belt capable of bringing a sizable benefit.

Protecting its wearer’s motricity health. And preventing it from consequences of femoral fractures: Up to 100% Hospitalisation, 50% autonomy loss and 30% death within a year.

INDIENOV’s belt is capable of detecting warning signs of falls…

…And understanding fall movements when they arise…

… Instantly activate a perfectly positioned airbag to cushion a fall and prevent fractures of the femoral neck or greater trochanter…

… While simultaneously sending an alert on Smartphones of relatives and caregivers.


How much does the belt cost?

The INDIENOV belt subscription starts at 49 EUR/month + 49 EUR activation fee, with a minimum commitment of 24 months. More details soon on our distribution points.

Is the belt rechargeable ?

Yes, the INDIENOV belt is rechargeable. A charger is provided with the subscription of the belt. It is connected to the USB-C port on the belt buckle. An indicator light shows if the belt is charging or if it is ready for use.

Can I open the buckle to change electronic parts ?

No, the buckle which integrates the electronics must never be opened or the warranty will be void within 2 years of subscription. In case of failure of the INDIENOV belt, please contact the After Sales Service.

Are the airbags reusable ? How do I fold the airbag after deployment ?

Yes, the airbags are reusable. After deployment, simply deflate them and fold them up according to the instructions in the user manual.

Do the gas generators need to be changed ?

The gas generators are for single use only. They must be changed after each deployment. In the event of a side fall, only the airbag corresponding to the side of the fall will deploy. It is not necessary to change the gas generator on the side of the airbag that has not deployed.

Is the belt cleanable ?

You can clean your belt with a damp cloth and soap, if necessary. Be careful, the belt and buckle contain components that should not come into contact with water. Never put the belt in the washing machine or dryer.

Do I have to wear the belt over my clothes ?

Yes, the INDIENOV belt should be worn over clothing like a regular belt.
Be careful not to try to slip it through the loops of your pants, as this will prevent the airbag from deploying properly.
Also be careful not to wear it under certain types of clothing (down jacket, tight jacket, coat with belt…).
The INDIENOV belt is made of Oeko-Tex certified materials, so there is no risk of contact with the skin.

Does the belt limit my daily movements ?

No, it has been designed to allow you to continue your daily activities and not change your habits.
The aesthetics and ergonomics of the INDIENOV belt make it an essential accessory for your daily life.

Do I have to take off the belt to sleep?

The INDIENOV belt is not designed to be worn at night. However, it can be worn during a nap.

Can I travel by plane with a seat belt?

The INDIENOV belt may not be transported (in checked or hand luggage) or worn during air travel.

How heavy is the belt?

The INDIENOV belt is lightweight, weighing just 500g.