Medical and social care establishments : prevent falls and protect against femoral neck fractures

Medical and social care establishments face many challenges, particularly in terms of the safety and well-being of residents, as well as human resources management.

INDIENOV has developed innovative solutions to meet these challenges and provide invaluable support to professionals working in these establishments.

Benefits of integrating the INDIENOV solution into your establishment

Preserve the mobility and well-being of your residents or patients

A response to staffing needs and the safety of residents

The lack of qualified staff is a major challenge for many care homes. With INDIENOV, staff are immediately alerted in the event of a fall, enabling them to intervene quickly and effectively.

This feature not only reassures staff, but also ensures the safety of residents, providing a safer and more responsive care environment.

Solutions for care homes : preventing falls, well-being for residents and staff

INDIENOV offers solutions specifically adapted to care homes to make your care home even safer.

Discover the benefits for your residents and your staff.

Adaptations for senior residences : greater safety and improved quality of life 

Our solutions offer specific adaptations to meet the needs of independent residents who have already fallen and who are at risk of falling.

Explore the benefits of using the INDIE belt in senior residences.

Use in rehabilitation centres : contribution to rehabilitation and falls prevention

In rehabilitation centres, the INDIE belt helps to rehabilitate and prevent falls in patients undergoing treatment.

Find out how our technology is helping rehabilitation professionals improve patient results, as well as feedback from rehabilitation professionals using our devices.