Falls prevention in care home with INDIENOV

The INDIE airbag belt offers a proactive approach to preventing falls in care homes for the dependent elderly.

With discretion and elegance, it provides residents with protection against falls while preserving their dignity, safety and independence, enabling them to go about their daily lives in complete confidence.

For staff, it represents an effective tool for ensuring the safety of residents while making their tasks easier. It provides an instant alert in the event of a fall, enabling rapid and appropriate intervention. It also simplifies documentation by providing valuable data on residents’ mobility habits, making it easier to plan care and take medical decisions.

Benefits of using the INDIE belt for residents and staff


Thanks to the flexibility of our service, we can easily adapt to the sick call system already in place in care homes, offering seamless integration into the existing environment.

Monthly belt tracking document.

In addition, INDIENOV offers a specific service for care homes, including the sending of a monthly belt monitoring document.

This document provides detailed information such as the number of hours worn and the number of hours of physical activity for each belt, enabling care homes to quantify their commitment to falls prevention and the well-being of their patients.