Indienov's solution contributes to a global public health challenge.

With the rise of aging societies, exponential risk ratios especially for 80 yo+, femoral neck fractures could affect 5 million people in 2050 and cost tens of billions in health spending. We build another perspective by providing a preventive solution.

On a global scale in 2021

2,5 M

fractures every year,
including 1 M in Europe

50 %

fractures lead
to dependency

30 %

death within the year
a fracture occured

18 Bn

dollars public healthcare
expenditure (Europe)


of relatives and caregivers
concerned and impacted
(stress, time…)

INDIENOV belt provides an efficient solution in fall prevention, protection and alerts. It also marks an unprecedented leap in knowledge and management of motricity health for fragile individuals, such as the elderly. It is therefore supported by Rgion Sud-Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur authorities and French Tech Aix-Marseille alliance, public development bank BPI France and European funds, including Feder.

Selected and certified by Hi France (Institutional body delivering the hard-to-obtain labellisation of Innovative Company to Watch and to Invest In) in June 2022, INDIENOV has received additional awards by SNITEM (French Federation of Medical Devices) within the People’s Choice category at the 7th Innovative Startup Day in 2022, and a People’s Choice Award at SilverEco festival in 2021.

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