The INDIE airbag belt :
discreet and effective protection

The INDIE airbag belt offers discreet, effective protection and minimizes the risk of fractures in the event of a fall, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of your loved ones. Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use, it fits perfectly into the user’s daily routine.

INDIE airbag belt features

Check out the technical and functional features of the INDIE belt, designed to provide optimum protection :

Accessories included

  • 2 INDIEFLOW CO2 in the belt
  • 1 charger clipped to the adapter
  • 1 user manual

High-performance technical textiles

Light weight 450g

2 airbags, one on each side of the hips to cushion impact

2 year guarantee

40h operating time

Class 1 CE medical device

Patented fastening and closure systems

Reusable and rechargeable: simply fold the airbag into the INDIE belt and replace with the new gas generator

Fast charging via USB-C

Services included with the INDIE belt

Benefit from a range of additional services included with the INDIE belt :

  • Detects loss of balance in the event of a soft or heavy fall and sends an automatic alert
  • Responsive technical support
  • User assistance and tutorials via the application
  • Maintenance and equipment guaranteed for 2 years
  • Easy access to technical support via the app

Benefits for healthcare 

  • Reduced risk of femoral neck fracture and associated consequences
    Easy monitoring and intervention in the event of an incident
  • Alerts and parameters can be customised to the needs of the patient
  • Seamless integration into healthcare practices

Solutions for different use environments

  • Ehpad : falls prevention, comfort and safety for residents
  • Seniors residence : maintaining independence, peace of mind for residents and carers
  • Physical rehabilitation centres : helping to rehabilitate and protect patients and restore their confidence in their mobility

INDIENOV application features

Once you have purchased or received an INDIE belt, you can create an account on the INDIENOV application. Explore the application’s features.

Up to 5 contacts can be added. These contacts will receive messages and will have to agree to be contacted in the event of an alert from the belt worn by the user.

SMS alerts are sent in the event of sudden loss of verticality. This helps to quickly clear up any doubts so that the person does not have to remain on the ground for too long and, if necessary, call the emergency services.

A text message is sent to encourage users to recharge their belt to ensure continued protection.

For the key stages in using the INDIE belt.

Quick access via the app to contact the helpdesk.

Key accessories for your INDIE belt

Extend the use of the INDIE belt by always having its 2 essentials to hand.


The belt charger is supplied with the belt. It is a USB-C charger. It is important to charge the belt before using it for the first time.

Gas refil

INDIEFLOW CO2 Gas Generator for INDIE belt: reactivate your belt in minutes with our easy-to-install gas generators.