Hippy a purpose-driven company

HIPPY is an innovative purpose-driven company, combining people and digital technology to save lives and help people live better.

Its reason for being is to contribute to the independence and promote the autonomy of people at risk by innovating in every way possible. INDIENOV, a HIPPY brand, is developing and designing a connected airbag belt to prevent and protect against fractures of the neck of the femur, one of the most serious consequences (both human and financial) of falls, while alerting carers and carers in real time.

INDIENOV has set itself the following social and environmental objectives :

To promote the distribution of products and services that enable frail people to maintain their autonomy and independence ;

Contribute to the environmental transition by promoting solutions that offer the best compromise between ecological performance and economic reality ; 

Becoming a responsible player in ageing better at home and in institutions.

To ensure greater transparency in terms of how we are meeting the targets we have set ourselves, we have set up a Mission Committee which produces an annual report.

INDIENOV responds to a global health issue

Sous l’effet du vieillissement des sociétés, et considérant l’augmentation exponentielle du risque après 80 ans, les fractures fémorales pourrait toucher 5 millions de personnes en 2050 et coûter des dizaines de milliards en dépenses de santé.

Nous construisons une autre perspective en apportant une solution préventive.

INDIENOV tackles some of today’s most pressing issues

National plan to prevent falls in the elderly

Launched in 2022 for a period of 2 years, the aim of this plan is to reduce by 20% the number of fatal or disabling falls suffered by people aged 65. Broken down into a number of key areas, the main actions consist of :

  • Identifying the risks of falls and warning signs by identifying typical fallers and ‘pre-fall’ signs
  • Fitting out homes to avoid the risk of falls
  • Promoting technical aids for mobility and rehabilitation through reimbursement
  • Encourage adapted and accessible physical activity
  • Encourage remote assistance

Proposition de loi du bien-vieillir

In 2022, a bill was tabled in parliament and will be studied in 2023 to guarantee the right to grow old with dignity and prepare society for the ageing of the population.

One of the aims of this proposal is to strengthen the steering of the policy to prevent the elderly from losing their independence and to combat social isolation. Ma Prim’Adapt is another scheme under discussion to encourage the adaptation of homes for the elderly.

Creation of a 5th branch of social security: the autonomy branch

Created in 2021 to optimise and rationalise care for the frail elderly and people with disabilities, the CNSA has a budget of over €34 billion.

INDIENOV, the innovative solution co-developed with users and prescribers

INDIENOV belts tested by users for several months in institutions

The INDIENOV belts have been used for over a year in an experimental version in care homes in the PACA region, and for several months now in the final version PACA region and for several months now in their final version..

These field trials have enabled us to collect qualified movement data, as well as constructive feedback on ergonomics and compliance.

Suitability tests carried out in geriatric wards in hospitals in the PACA region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)

These tests, carried out under the supervision of a geriatrician, will enable us to study the ease of use of the belt and highlight areas for improvement in terms of the device’s ergonomics.

INDIENOV belts presented at the Résidences Autonomie et Service

In voluntary senior residences, INDIENOV runs workshops to present the belt to elderly people and show them how it works, with the deployment of airbags in the event of a fall.

Feedback from residents enables us to adjust our solution and gather their requirements for future versions under development.