INDIENOV : innovation for well-being

A strong society doesn’t let its people down ! 

Our mission is to create innovative solutions that promote the independence and well-being of everyone.

The INDIE belt embodies this commitment by offering lightweight, effective protection against one of the most serious consequences of falls : fracture of the neck of the femur, thereby preserving users’ freedom of movement and quality of lifes.

Contributing to the independence and autonomy of people at risk by innovating in every way we can is the our reason for being. Our commitment to the safety and comfort of our users is at the heart of everything we do.

With INDIENOV, you can rest assured that you are backed by a company that genuinely cares about your well-being, whether you are a user or a healthcare professional prescribing our solutions.

INDIENOV is supported and accompanied by a number of complementary partners.

Every year in France, 2 million falls by people aged over 65 are responsible for over 130,000 hospitalisations..

According to INSEE, more than 4 million senior* citizens will be losing their independence by 2050.

At INDIENOV, we believe in our responsibility to society. That’s why we’re committed to offering a complete preventive solution against falls and femoral neck fractures, helping to mitigate the consequences of loss of independence among senior citizens by 2050. As a lightweight, effective protective device, the belt would help to reduce the risk of falls among users, thereby preserving their independence and quality of life.

*Source : Insee, projections Omphale, Drees, enquêtes EHPA 2015 et VQS 2014

Academic and research partners :

  • Institut des sciences du mouvement : 2 CIFRE theses in progress on the analysis of movement data and the prediction of femoral neck fractures.
  • IMT Nord Europe: co-direction of a CIFRE IA thesis.

Medical partners :

  • Centre hospitalier d’Aubagne: research and development in a day rehabilitation centre to analyse rehabilitation follow-up data.
  • AP-HM: partnership to set up usability tests.
  • AP-HP and DMH: support for market access strategy with a view to a potential clinical study.

Professional networks : 

Silver valley : competitiveness hub specialising in the silver economy.

Silver alliance : alliance of brands bringing together various non-competing companies in the Silver economy.

Pôle SCS : competitiveness hub for digital technologies in the PACA region.

Eurobiomed : health competitiveness hub in the PACA region.

Communauté des entreprises Deeptech : national community of Deeptech startups launched by the BPI.

French Care : movement of healthcare stakeholders.

SNITEM : association representing companies on all issues relating to medical devices.

French Tech Aix-Marseille : French start-up movement supported by the government and driven by entrepreneurs.

Institutionals stakeholders :

BPI France : public investment bank supporting businesses.

Région Sud et Région Sud Investissement : support structure for regional companies, helping to strengthen their equity capital.

Gérond’IF : a promoting research hub, training and innovation in geriatrics and gerontology in Pays de la Loire.

Gérontopole Sud : Regional hub of expertise and coordination for stakeholders in healthy aging.

Rising Sud : regional agency for attractiveness and economic development.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Networking groups :

Prevent2care : an accelerator for start-ups and associations involved in preventive healthcare, initiated by the Ramsay Santé foundation, Pfizer innovation France, Elior Group and operated by INCO.

Future4care : european accelerator dedicated to digital health, created by the alliance of 4 global giants: Orange, Sanofi, Generali and Capgemini.

Worldup Start : a US medtech and life science accelerator that helps companies access the US market.

BirdHouse : Accélérateur européen Agetech et fonds d’investissement.

INDIENOV, an award-winning medical device

Prix Coup de coeur du public lors de la 7e Journée Start up innovantes du dispositif médical 2022 SNITEM

Prix Coup de coeur du festival SilverEco 2021

Finaliste des trophées de l’INPI 2023

Prix Coup de coeur du public lors de la 7e Journée Start up innovantes du dispositif médical 2022 SNITEM

Prix Coup de coeur du festival SilverEco 2021

Finaliste des trophées de l’INPI 2023


A dedicated team

Equipe commerce, marketing, communication

  • Victoria Lamour-Chambon – Directrice développement et stratégie
  • Valentine Lanterne – Chargée de relation clientèle
  • Camille Tertrais – Strategy manager
  • Ema Donikian – Community Manager

Equipe produit et recherche

  • Annabelle Labrune – Responsable produit et recherche
  • Olivier Naudan – Directeur développement logiciel
  • Virigil Poncin – ingénieur de recherche
  • Hafsa El Mekki – Data scientist
  • Mohand Seddar – Ingénieur IA
  • Maha Gharras – Développeuse logiciel embarqué
  • Lucas Goiffon – Ingénieur architecte logiciel
  • Anthony Luong – Developpeur full stack
  • Niels Ouvrard – Developpeur full stack

Equipe production

  • Vincent Monnier – Directeur production et supply chain
  • Elisabeth Banhalmi – technicienne de production

Equipe qualité & règlementaire

  • Yasmine Djalal – Responsable qualité et affaires réglementaire

Equipe administrative

  • Nalani Ternier Page – Office manager
  • Clara Missaoui – Assistante administrative