Why does the INDIENOV belt attract the interest of healthcare professionals and caregivers ? (the elderly, patients with neurodegenerative diseases…)

A reliable, efficient and new generation medical device

Multi certified connnected belt (CE category 1 certification, medical standards ISO 13485…), Permorant technical textiles, biommechanical airbags, patented systems (fixation, closing…), latest ultra miniaturised and non-invasive technologies, software and artificial intelligence.

An ergonomic belt, designed for everyday use

The lightest on the market (450 g), the most discreet and matchable with any outfit (available in 4 sizes and 3 shades), easy to wear and use, and rechargeable on USB port.

A connected object, which eases motor health support

For each individual, augmented by a seamless app, useful in detecting warning signs ( loss of motricity, dependency, falls …), coupled with targeted physical activity recommendations, from reducing risks of falls and hospitalisation to monitoring post-surgery movement improvements.

INDIENOV’s belt is THE perfect solution compliant with a personalized, preventive, predictive, participative and protective medicine.

Three reasons worth talking about the INDIENOV belt to the ones you support and/or their caregivers.

A serenity belt

Prevents the risk of falls and protects from femoral neck fractures, while enabling the lengthening of life expectancy, and a better control and improvement of quality of life and independence. The INDIENOV belt reassures people, secures them and restores their confidence in preventing risks of falls. People maintain their regular social life and activities, and carry on with outings and moving.


The only medical belt which looks like any accessory in your daily outfit

Quality, elegance, lightweight.


An intelligent belt

Equipped specifically with a fall detection system based on automatic learning : only a real fall triggers the airbag(s), and alerts immediately emergency services, relatives and caregivers.


A science and medicine backed innovation

Research and development at INDIENOV is supervised by a scientific committee composed of leaders from hospital-academics spheres.


Jean-Noël Argenson

  • Head of Orthopedic Surgery – Sainte Marguerite Hospital, Marseille, APHM
  • Head of Musculoskeletal Department at La Timone Marseille University Hospital
  • President-Founder of The Institute of Movement and MusculoSkeletal System (IML, Marseille)
  • Renowned Expert in hip prosthetics surgery, author of numerous international medical publications

Pr Patrick Villani

Head of Geriatrics Department - Sainte Marguerite Hospital, Marseille, APHM. Head of Post Emergency Department at La Timone Marseille University Hospital (Marseille).

Pr Benjamin Blondel

Orthopedic Surgeon – Hospital Practitioner at La Timone Hospital (Marseille).

Pr Patrick Chabrand

University Professor. Researcher at Institute of Movement Sciences. President of the Interdisciplinary Group in Osteoarticular et Cardiovascular Biomechanics (GiBoc).

Dr Anthony Fleury

PhD, Lecturer and HDR Researcher (Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence) Institute Mines-Télécom Nord-Europe (Douai).

Pr Guillaume Rao

University Professor, Researcher at Institute of Movement Sciences, Scientific Director of Technosport Platform, and Head of Motor Performance, Ergonomics and Multi-Scale Modeling.